Lets Make Robots Start Here Kit


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$114.95 ea.

This bundle includes all the parts to build the popular Start Here project from letsmakerobots.com. Save over 10% off buying the parts individually - more than $13!

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Please note that the kits are currently shipping with Sharp Analog Distance Sensor 10-80cm, not Sharp Analog Infra-Red Rangefinding System (AIRRS).

The folks over at LetsMakeRobots.com do some great stuff. Looking around the site you'll find a wide range of community members who love making and documenting all sorts of robots. In particular they've made the Start Here project - a simple, elegant and programmable robot utilizing the PICAXE microcontroller. Not only is it a neat bot, but it's very well documented with step-by-step instructions for putting it together.

After working directly with the author of the project, we've specifically designed this bundle to provide you with all the needed parts to build it. And, even better, to support the community and maintain the site we will donate 10% of each sale for this kit directly to Let's Make Robots. It's a win-win situation - get the parts to build a cool project and support one of your favourite robot/electronics communities. What else could you ask for?

Included Parts:

1x PICAXE-28 Project Board
1x USB PICAXE Programming Cable
1x PICAXE-28X1
1x L293D Motor Driver
1x Servo SO3N
1x Sharp Analog Infra-Red Rangefinding System (AIRRS)
1x 4 x AA Battery Holder
2x GM9
2x GMPW (Black)
1x Strip of 20 Male Pin
1x 3 x AA Battery Holder
1x Female-Female Header Jumper Variety Pack
1x DIL 330 x 8 Resistor Array
3x 0.100" Jumper Block
10x Double-Sided Sticky Tape - 1x1" Square
4x 1/4" Heat Shrink Tubing

This kit does not come with the PICAXE software CD, but don't worry - all the PICAXE software and documentation is available for free download.


PICAXE Manual Part 1 - Getting Started (.pdf)
PICAXE Manual Part 2 - BASIC Commands (.pdf)
PICAXE Manual Part 3 - Interfacing Circuits (.pdf)
Programming Editor (.exe)





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