Web Links Thursday

Posted By Yana

Feb 23rd 2017


Glorious MIDI unicorn It looks good and it sounds good – a challenging project by musician Andrew Huang. (Via LaughingSquid) Color changing hair dye Thermochromic hair color, apparently safe and non-permanent, soon as a commercial product. (Via ZMEScience) Dazzling canopy of interactive moving lights Teamlab’s stunning light and sound show creates an illusion of ethereal … Continue reading Web Links Thursday

Solarbotics at the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention

Posted By Yana

Feb 14th 2017


Solarbotics will be at the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention Thursday & Friday, February 16 and 17, 2017. We will demo a variety of educational kits for teachers to use in classrooms, including introductory kits to develop skills in programming, mechanical construction, and soldering. Come put a face to the name at booth 727 at Calgary … Continue reading Solarbotics at the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention

New Product: Scribbler, Grove & Buck Module

Posted By Yana

Feb 13th 2017


Grove – Smart Plant Care Kit for Arduino CAD 85.28 / USD 59.90 A functional kit that helps monitor the environment and care for plant growth! 200W Buck Module CAD 22.00 / USD 16.90 When mini buck converters just won’t do. Grove – Ear-clip Heart Rate Sensor CAD 16.80 / USD 12.90 Grove Heart Rate … Continue reading New Product: Scribbler, Grove & Buck Module

Web Links Friday

Posted By Yana

Feb 10th 2017


A Batman Jacket Made With 10,000 Lego Bricks Lego and Batman rolled in one? Geek factor level 80. (Via Fashionablygeek.com) Japanese Scientists Artificially Pollinate Flowers with a Bee drone Lookit this electric thing smacking the poor lily up the face! Bees are much more gentle. Save the bees. Technology is cool, but bees are better. … Continue reading Web Links Friday

New Product: RaspberryPi & Powerboost

Posted By Yana

Jan 26th 2017


Switching Power Supply 6VDC @ 500mA CAD15.72/USD11.95 Switching Power Supply – Perfect for Arduino Uno projects! Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera Board v2 – 8 Megapixels CAD52.55/USD39.95 8MP Camera without Infra Red Filter for Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 CAD53.50/USD40.00 New! This 8MP Camera Module replaces the older 5MP unit! 4-channel Relay Arduino Interface … Continue reading New Product: RaspberryPi & Powerboost

New Product: Synapse & ESP

Posted By Yana

Jan 17th 2017


Synapse 220 Modules RF220SU SNAP Engine, 2 Mbps 2.4 GHz CAD40.43/USD29.95 WiFi is good, but the SNAP Engine Model RF220SU is an IEEE 802.15.4, low-power, very robust solution for embedded wireless control and monitoring networks. With auto-mesh networking (try that WiFi…). 2Mbps on the 2.4GHz spectrum and RP-SMA or U.FL selectable antenna. Synapse RF220UF1 CAD40.43/USD29.95 … Continue reading New Product: Synapse & ESP

Heated Car Seat Teardown and Repair

Posted By Yana

Jan 11th 2017


Here’s a little makeover of an inexpensive aftermarket car seat heating pad that stopped working. Designed to activate and warm up when sat upon, the electronics face a fair amount of abuse: since the seat is a soft frame, the wires inside constantly move and flex with the body. They are also subject to harsh … Continue reading Heated Car Seat Teardown and Repair

Christmas/New Years Holiday Hours

Posted By Yana

Dec 22nd 2016


  Happy holidays! This is a quick note to announce our holiday schedule, which is going to be as follows: Friday, December 23 – Offices open til 2pm Saturday, December 24 – Tuesday, December 27 — Closed Wednesday, December 28 – Thursday, December 29 – Open Friday, December 30 — Offices open til 4pm Saturday, … Continue reading Christmas/New Years Holiday Hours

The Solarbotics Repairacord™ Electronics Survival Bracelet

Posted By Yana

Dec 19th 2016


Everyone is familiar with paracord bracelets – the cleverly woven wearable survival device that instantly unravels into many meters of useful and super strong nylon cord in case of necessity. These are useful for outdoorsy types, but what if you are an indoorsy type with a lot of electronic emergencies? Or a geek in need … Continue reading The Solarbotics Repairacord™ Electronics Survival Bracelet

New Product: Connectors

Posted By Yana

Dec 14th 2016


150mm Futaba-style Servo cable, Double Female $1.95 Just a standard 0.1″ pitch Futaba-style servo jumper cable, with female connectors on both sides. JST XH 2.5mm – 3 Pin plug & 100mm cable set $0.65 The JST XH 3-pin header & cable set. 100mm long, 2.5mm pin pitch. Raspberry Pi GPIO Ribbon 40-pin Cable, 6″ long … Continue reading New Product: Connectors





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