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January 13, 2016

Posted By Yana

openthereminuno_v2_web-e1452537219303 Arduino Theremin
Theremin is a fascinating musical instrument, and this is a version that runs on Arduino, by Urs Gaudenz of  Gaudi Lab (Via Arduino Blog)
table-1 Travertine and Resin Table Top
Topographical lagoon tables by Alexandre Chapelin of LA Table (Via Colossal)
nh2timlz35mrnwoefrfw 3D Modeling Sharks and Other Creatures
Sharks and other wonderful living things refuse to stay still in the name of science, so the researchers at the University of Massachusetts set out to build a special Beastcam (Via Gizmodo).
Corgi-Potter 3D Printed Corgis
This is one too many entries on 3D printing, but this had to make it to the post (Via Nerdist).

3D Printed Tourbillon Clock
The tourbillon is a traditional type of clock mechanism developed in 1795, now 3D printed by Christoph Lamier (Via Hackaday)






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