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Friday New Product: Kossel Accessories

July 3, 2015

Posted By Yana

Brainwave Pro 3-Axis CNC controller For Kossel

The Kossel Pro uses the Z-Designs Brainwave Pro controller, which is the product of a close collaboration between Terence Tam and Mike Ziomkowski, based upon Matthew Wilson’s original Brainwave low cost 3D Printer controller.
Kossel Ball Joint Set Kit
These are not repurposed RC Car ball linkages – these are custom engineered delta printer Kossel ball joints!
Kossel Pulley Set

This is a full pulley set including bearings for the Kossel Pro.
Kossel 250mm dia. Borosilicate Build Plate
Designed for the Kossel 3D printer, this 250mm borosilicate plate is the preferred platform for 3D printing.
Kossel GT2 Belt, 1M

GT2 Timing Belt, available in 1M increments up to 5M total.





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