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Cool Links Wednesday: 3D Printed Things, Radios and Petbot

September 2, 2015

Posted By Yana

violin 3D Printed Violin
It sounds beautiful, it looks gorgeous – this is what 3D printing should be! (By 3Dvarius, via Nerdist)
glass-1 3D Printing Molten Glass
Yet another 3d printing example of all things beautiful – the fusion of old (material) and new (technique). (Via Colossal)
archnetworks_03 The Architecture of Radio
Yay to the superpower of seeing the invisible! (Via Creative Applications)
module-bottom1 Vintage IBM 1401 Mainframe
The great-great-great grandfather of modern technology. (Via Dangerous Prototypes)
selfie-pet-bot-feature-590x330 Petbot
It’s about time that your pet chinchilla learns how to make selfies. (Via





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