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January 17, 2018

Posted By Solarbotics

3W Stereo Bluetooth Interface, 3.7~5VDC, FM / TF/ USB, IR
CAD 18.20 / USD 14.50
Here’s a fully featured stereo Bluetooth v4.2 module. Output USB, SD card, or Bluetooth audio over its 3W amplifiers.
3W Stereo Bluetooth Interface, 3.7 ~ 5VDC
CAD 12.67 / USD 9.50
Here’s a stereo bluetooth v4.2 module. Make your own portable speakers!
Heartbeat Sensor
CAD 12.47 / USD 9.99
A sensor for measuring pulse oximetry and heart rate in one simple package.
Breadboard Voltage Adapter w/microUSB
CAD 11.24 / USD 8.95
Add regulated 5V or 3.3V power to your breadboard using either a 2.1MM barrel jack or USB cable.





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