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MakeFashion Tech Gala Photos

March 31, 2015

Posted By Yana

The MakeFashion Gala was a glowing show of glowing lights: new photos for your attention at our Flickr stream.

Photo courtesyGeorge Dimitrov Photography

Among all the other wonderful things we’ve seen and photographed, just wanted to mention that while there have been many uses of our string LEDs before, but nothing quite as intense - Olga Sem, Kat Leto and Marina Ortman did an amazing job of incorporating them into the outfits.

Look at this density! Part of the Joker outfit, photo courtesy Kat Leto.


Solarbotics at MakeFashion 2015

March 26, 2015

Posted By Yana

The Wearable Tech Gala MakeFashion 2015 at the Telus Spark Science Centre is fast approaching, but there is still some time to get your tickets. It’s been 3 years and the event is getting bigger and better, and we are looking forward to seeing the new creations, some of which are coming together with the help of our RnD team. So! Solarbotics is going to attend: on Saturday March 28 2015, come enjoy the parade of ephemeral creatures of light, hot glue, tulle, code and PCBs. And of course say hi to the tall guy in a black hat and the rest of us. By the way, sneak peek preview videos for this year’s show are available if you are interested, and here are some last year’s stunning tech dresses on Solarbotics Flickr.


Friday New Product: More Grove Yet Again

March 20, 2015

Posted By Yana

We have seemingly endless supply of Grove-compatible items from SeeedStudio. So here are some more:

Grove – RGB Backlight LCD

Have your Grove experiment display more information in more ways than just 2 lines of 16 characters of text. Have it change the background lighting of the LCD for additional feedback.
Grove – 2-Coil Latching Relay
The Grove latching relays are interesting because they take a pulse to toggle their state, which it maintains even after a power cycle.
Grove – Serial MP3 Player

Simple MP3 playback in a Grove interface. Plug it in, feed the audio signal to an amplifier, and you’re listening to music.
Grove – Speaker
Amplified speaker output for the Grove prototyping system.
Grove – Barometer Sensor

Measure barometric pressure and report it back as a pressure, atmospheres, or altitude, plus get the temperature from the same sensor.
Grove – Circular LED

Grove-compatible circular 24 LED array.





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