Ardweeny Project Pack


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$29.94 ea.

The Ardweeny Project Pack was created for you to sink your small Arduino-compatible project directly into it's application right away. If you like microwave dinners and pizza pops this bundle is for you, and even if you don't it's for you as well!

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This Project pack will allow you to toss your Ardweeny into an application and you won't have to worry about needing regulated voltage as the Backpack will take care of that, and plus it breakouts out the Ardweeny pins in a clean and orderly fashion. Solder wires directly to the Backpack PCB or plug-in jumpers into the female headers and connector up your sensors and actuators. Install this pack into a R2D2 toy and make him launch small light sabres and make light projections, it's only one idea, we leave it to you to make something even cooler!

Ardweeny Features:

  • Fully Arduino-compatible! (Select "UNO" when programming)
  • Stacks onto the back of an ATmega328 chip (included)
  • Takes same 28-pin footprint as the microcontroller itself!
  • Features Pin-13 LED and reset button
  • Simple construction - only 7 parts plus pins & PCB!
  • Ideal for breadboard applications

TTLyFTDI Features:

  • DTR
  • Rx
  • Tx
  • V(5V)
  • CTS
  • GND
  • Resettable Thermal Fuse to protect USB line
  • Power LED and RX/TX Status LEDs
  • Right angle 6-pin female header (no assembled)
  • 3.3V selectable bypass trace on the back of PCB

Ardweeny Backpack Features:

  • Ardweeny Socket (or solder it straight in if you need a robust module)
  • BLINKMtm compatible header, which doubles as a...
  • ...Servo header!
  • TMP36 Temperature Sensor footprint, ready to go!
  • Full I/O breakout with solder points (or pluggable headers)
  • Dual-orientation 2.1mm Barrel Jack mount (inline or 90°)
  • Built-in 5V regulator, power LED & switch

This pack is 18.72%off buying the items separately, You save $6.90!

Pack Includes:

1 x Ardweeny
1 x TTLyFTDI USB-to-TTL adapter
1 x Ardweeny Backpack (plain)

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