TTLyFTDI USB-to-TTL Cable Adapter




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Need to add a virtual COM port to your PC? The TTLyFTDI adapter plugs onto your USB mini-B cable, and breaks out all the standard lines for Arduino-type TTL communication!

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A million years ago when we weren't hiding from dinosaurs (jeez we hated those Pterodactyls...), HVW Technologies (our partner company) released one of the original USB-to-TTL converters using the FTDI RT232BL chipset. That device went the way of the Dodo, but we're happy to now announce it's successor, the TTLyFTDI!

The "Totally FTDI" module uses the venerable and well-proven FTDI FT232RL chipset to add a virtual COM port to your PC. It breaks out the basic pins needed for Ardweeny/Arduino-compatible communications that use the standard 6-pin interface like on the FTDI cable.

In standard configuration, the TTLyFTDI passes thermal fuse-protected 5V from the USB line to your device, but also features a 3.3V bypass on the bottom of the PCB that is enabled by a simple cut & solder bridge fix.

The TTLyFTDI comes mostly assembled. We include a female 6-pin 90° header suitable for most plug-in applications (like for programming the Ardweeny, Arduino Ethernet with POE, or Arduino Pro), or simply solder the unit to your circuit.

The TTLyFTDI features a POWER LED (handy to see when you're plugged in), and Rx / Tx LEDs (green=go=Tx; red=Rx). It also has these 6 well-labeled pins:

  • DTR
  • Rx
  • Tx
  • V(5V)
  • CTS
  • GND

Since FTDI chips are part of practically all major OS driver libraries, it's just a matter of plugging it in, waiting a moment for drivers to load, and you're ready to communicate with your device!

If the drivers didn't automagically load up, no prob, you can find them here.

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