Wayne & Layne Video Game Shield Faceplate for the S.A.F.E.


Price (USD)
$3.00 ea.


The Solarbotics Arduino Freeduino Enclosure (SAFE) is a laser-cut acrylic case for your projects - now we created a line of faceplates to custom-fit a variety of microcontrollers.

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The Wayne & Layne video game shield essentially turns your Arduino/Freeduino into a video game console, so we thought: "Hey, why don't we make a nice enclosure for that rig!". And so we did. The Video Game Shield Faceplate was born when we decided to put the whole thing into the SAFE, and as a bonus we added a custom backplate as well so your nunchucks could fit in nicely.

We recommend using the Video game shield with the Freeduino as it is easy to turn off (or power cycle) with the exterior switch adapter that comes with the SAFE.

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Each of them is offered
in 4 different colours (dark red, black, transparent blue and clear).

Also we designed a Clear Acrylic Lid to fit the SAFE, that can be ordered separately.

Please Note: You will have to take a pair of side cutters or shears and sever the tabs on the top of the RCA connector to allow the lid to close on the SAFE.





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