Solarbotics Arduino Freeduino Enclosure (SAFE)


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$9.95 ea.

The Solarbotics Arduino Freeduino Enclosure (SAFE) is a laser-cut acrylic case for your chopsticks. And by chopsticks, we mean Arduino or Freeduino. Go figure.

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The SAFE. You'd think it'd stand for "Some Armed Ferret Enchiladas", "Sonically Ambiguous Fluorescent Email", or the office favourite, "Soobity Arbitty Froobitty, Eh?". Instead, it has nothing to do with any of those things. We're tricky that way, you know.

No, this marvelous contraption of laser-cut acrylic is a complete box enclosure for your Freeduino or use an Arduino UNO, Leonardo or Duemilanove by pushing out the acrylic knock-out for the USB jack. This version is made from incredibly sexy acrylic in 4 different colors. It's so good lookin', you won't need to use a Arduino shield anymore, just mount your accessories on the SAFE inside, outside, wherever! (Psst....that is if you don't have a video game shield already - see below). That being said, there is still room for a shield and a half (depending on size).

Oh, and it also has an external switch lever that mates with the power switch on the Freeduino SB - way cooler than cutting power wires every time you want it to turn off.

Check out the many ways you can use the SAFE.

Design inspiration and elements borrowed from Parallax's Multi-Board Enclosure.

Check out the our line of unique faceplates:

Netduino Faceplate

Netduino Plus Faceplate
Wayne & Layne Video Game Shield Face and Backplate
EZ-B Faceplate
PICAXE 28X2 Shield Base Faceplate
Gameduino Faceplate

Each of them is offered in 4 different colours (dark red, black, transparent blue and clear).

Also we designed a Clear Acrylic Lid to fit the SAFE, that can also be ordered separately.

This is a project we posted to our account on Thingiverse. Feel free to download the design files for your own nefarious purposes!

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