Solarbotics Synapse-to-FTDI Adapter Kit


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$22.95 ea.

This board can do it all - breakout the Synapse RF module pins, give you a USB port/FTDI chip to program, supply it with a regulated 3.3V, integrate a reset switch (for updating & erasing), and also give you mounting options.

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Check out the cool project we did with Synapse Wireless modules!

Video part one:

Part two and three.

 This kit has multiple uses, you can use it to program/erase your Synapse RF modules, interface them to a breadboard (with 3.3V regulated voltage on board), and/or permanently mount your module in your project using the #4-40 mounting holes. Write your python-based Snappyscripts and upload them quickly with this kit coupled with the Portal software provided by Synapse Wireless.

You can also use this kit to program Xbees as well if you (mis)use the Synapse-Xbee Adapter kit with two extra 2mm 12-pin male headers and two 10 pin female socket strips. If you breakout some of the pins this kit will also act as an USB-TTL serial communication interface/debugger to program products such as the Ardweeny.


  • 3.3V 1A onboard voltage regulator (Vin = 2.3V min - 6.0V max)
  • TX/RX/Power indicator LEDs
  • Breadboard breakout headers for all pins including each power breakout pins
  • Reset switch (handy when erasing snappyscripts)
  • #4-40 Mounting holes
  • Fuse-protected USB-TTL interface (FT232RL chip). No driver required in Windows
  • Dimensions: 3.9 x 4.9cm (1.53 x 1.93 ")


  • 2 x 2mm 12-pin female header
  • 2 x 0.1" 16-pin male header
  • 1 x SWT10 Reset switch
  • 1 x Solarbotics RF engine Interface PCB with SMD components populated

Note: This is a solderable kit which comes with all the surface mount components already populated all you have to install is the two 2mm spacing 12-pin female headers, the Reset switch, and/or the 0.1" spacing 16-pin male headers. Also note the pins labelled AD0-AD7 are in reverse order on the silkscreen, sorry our mistake.


This product is Open Source Hardware
License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0





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