Gear Motor 2 - 224:1 Offset Shaft


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$4.80 ea.

This 224:1 gearmotor is very comparable to a hobby servo for power, at a fraction of the cost!

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Most Useless MachineHey - are you making a certain Most Useless Machine? We also have the wheel, motor mount, battery holder, and SPDT switch you'll need to build your project.

Solarbotics is the sole commercial outlet for these impressive 224:1 gearmotors. They are very comparable to a hobby servo for power, at a fraction of the cost!

This motor offers 48.6 in*oz of torque at 3V, rotating 360 degrees every 1.5 seconds (24 rpm - just a hair slower than a servo), drawing 400mA at stall (free running at 40mA).

With a 7mm double-flat output shaft (avoid using the "D" output - it's not meant to take rotational load), and a built-in clutch (limiting at 60 in*oz, but easily "locked"), and built-in mounting screw holes, you can see why we like these motors!

These units have an overall size of 55mm (2.17") x 48mm (1.89") x 22.7mm (0.894") thick, while only weighing 31.4 grams or 1.11 ounces.

Based on the original design by Mark Tilden for use in the B.I.O.Bugs & RoboSapien, these motors are the next generation with a variety of improvements such as dual output shafts and a lower current motor.

Check out this quick tutorial for how to modify the GM2 from a torquey slow 224:1 ratio to a speedy 14:1 ratio.

Do you need to mount something to the shaft of the motor? Try the GMW - it's a very effective platform for a variety uses. Alternatively, you'll also find that a #2x1/4" SMS screw will provide a snug fit for your need.

(Motors are sold individually, wheels are not included)






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