Solarbotics Synapse RF100PC6 Coordinator Bundle


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$52.16 ea.

Synapse SNAP units also make great PC-to-network node interfaces. Here's a bundle to get you started!

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Note: Unfortunately this bundle is no longer available but check our Longer range SMA Coordinator bundle while quantities last.

Get this complete kit for 10% off over buying separate items!

Besides being great mesh-networking units, the Synapse SNAP modules also will act as the head of your SNAP network and will program, or communicate with, all the other nodes in the rest of your network.

Synapse SNAP modules are super-handy, and one way to use them is with a PC-interface. This bundle attaches the RF100PC6 module to our own FTDI-based USB interface unit.

The bundle includes:

1x Synapse RF100PC6 SNAP module
1x Solarbotics Synapse-to-FTDI adapter Kit

With regulated 3.3V, reset switch (for updating & erasing), and mounting options, you just tie it to your PC with a mini-USB cable and you're good to start as the head of your SNAP network.





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