LM1084 5V 5A LDO Voltage Regulator


Price (USD)
$3.50 ea.

The LM1084IT-5.0 is a beast of a +5V voltage regulator! Spawning from the same family as the LM317 (sharing the same pinout), this regulator takes current limitations to a whole new level. Perfect for powering servos and handling the load they generate up to 5A!

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This regulator allows for single supply operation for motors and a microcontroller as long as the battery can deliver the discharge capacity needed for the application. We found that this regulator works optimally at ~8VDC input voltage. A fully charged 7.4V LiPo battery works beautifully. The LM1084 not only is a force to reckon with but it has the added feature of Low drop out voltage as well: where most regulators drop 2V between the input and output, this regulator only drops 1.5V!

Heat sinking is recommended for higher loads to prevent premature thermal shutdown.

This regulator can be found on servo driving products such as the CMDR Shield, Multipack, and EZ-B.


Input Voltage: 6.5 - 30VDC(Max)
Output Voltage: Fixed 5VDC
Dropout Voltage (Max): 1.5 V at 5A
Output Current: 5A
Operating Temperature: -40 to + 125ºC
Package Style: Through Hole TO-220
Maximum Power Dissipation: 30 W





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