Polymer Lithium Ion Battery - 2200mAh 7.4v


Price (USD)
$15.95 ea.

This high discharge LiPo is a great way to power any R/C, robotic, or portable project. This is an excellent choice for anything that requires a small battery with a lot of punch.

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The voltage is low enough not to tax your regulating circuits, and the discharge rate is high enough to accommodate a lot of electronics and a few small motors.

The battery has two cells and outputs 7.4V storing 2200mAh of charge. Because this is a dual cell battery pack, a special charger is needed. This battery is not compatible with single cell chargers.


  • 7.4V 2-cell pack
  • 2200mAh of charge
  • 35C continuous discharge rate
  • Burst: 50C
  • JST-XH charge plug
  • 8AWG bare discharge leads (we recommend a Deans plug for high current handling)
  • Charge rate: We recommend 1C (spec not available)

Dimensions: 138.5mm x 47.5mm x 47.5mm

Weight: 141g





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