Technology Grad Dresses

Posted By Dave

Aug 29th 2016

  I have a daughter. A daughter who likes pretty things, and like most daughters, likes to stand out once in a while. As the President of a local technology-hacking company, and having been involved with more than a handful of technology dresses & costumes in the Calgary area, she thought it would be a … Continue reading Technology Grad Dresses

Arc Reactor Kit Assembly Instructions

Posted By ddamron

Apr 26th 2016

Arc Reactor Kit Build Instructions Here’s a quick blog on how to assemble the Arc Reactor Kit – Limited Edition. 1. Remove brown paper from all 4 acrylic pieces – the pieces are actually clear, so remove all the paper from both sides.

Vintage AMPEX VR1200B 2″ Quadruplex VTR Unearthed

Posted By Solarbotics

Jan 8th 2016

I occupy a studio space in a building that is a former movie shooting facility turned into an artist hovel. The building itself is wonderfully old but the hallways are also full of ancient audio and video equipment from the movie days. One of the things that got the attention of our RnD and tech … Continue reading Vintage AMPEX VR1200B 2″ Quadruplex VTR Unearthed

Motion Activated Tree Lights

Posted By Solarbotics

Nov 13th 2015

In compliance with the upcoming holidays we decided to contribute to the obligatory dose of Christmas ornamentation in the shape of the well-known coniferous tree. A tabletop freestanding tree with LED strings and a flashing star on top seemed like an easy enough thing to do. We also wanted to add a tech twist to … Continue reading Motion Activated Tree Lights

Rainbow Brite Dress Project

Posted By Solarbotics

May 7th 2015

Cosplay at Solarbotics We have a bit of a rule here. If there’s a project we want to do, somebody has to have the passion for it. The drive, the dedication, the “kick-the-right-people-in-the-butt-to-get-it-done” drive. In this case, the project is a Rainbow Brite Dress, as spear-headed by our warehouse chief-elf Lyn Janelle (costume concept, design … Continue reading Rainbow Brite Dress Project

The Arc Reactor Project

Posted By Solarbotics

Apr 24th 2015

We needed all our superpowers for the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo this past weekend, so we decided to create our version of Arc Reactor for the team to wear at the show in order to augment the intelligence and add superhuman-level multitasking and learning capabilities (imagination is key at the Comic Expo).

3D Printed Treetop Star

Posted By Solarbotics

Dec 9th 2014

Initially inspired by the Moravian Star on Instructables and the fact that we now carry all kinds of 3D printing filament, we decided to make one of our own glowy holiday star. We have used this thing as source files to create a similar treetop decoration of our own. After some trial and error (due … Continue reading 3D Printed Treetop Star

Project (the day other than) Monday: Ice Star LED String

Posted By Solarbotics

Dec 3rd 2014

Inspired by the Ice Bulb published on Instructables, we decided to create our own version. Ice bulb suggests that we use a balloon to shape the ice and before it freezes, add an LED so that it can glow. Since we decided to use a whole bunch of LEDs (on a string), we opted to … Continue reading Project (the day other than) Monday: Ice Star LED String

MakeFashion 2014: Inputs and Outcomes

Posted By Solarbotics

Mar 11th 2014

So what happens when Solarbotics meets up with a local fashion duo just 4 weeks before a techno fashion show? Some insanity. Some long hours. Lots of fun. Solarbotics helped several designers prepare for the MakeFashion Gala 2014, but there were a few we really worked closely on for the event. Pumping Fashion Lit by … Continue reading MakeFashion 2014: Inputs and Outcomes

Project Monday: Laser Monitoring with Synapse

Posted By Solarbotics

Mar 10th 2014

I’m Dilan, a relatively new hire here at Solarbotics, and I am in charge of product development and R&D support. I’ve got tons of experience with many things, and have seen Arduino as a staple in many projects here at Solarbotics. With its ease of use, powerful programming language, and vast online community, it has … Continue reading Project Monday: Laser Monitoring with Synapse





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