Infrared Receiver 2.5-5.5V 38kHz


1.40 USD
$1.40 ea.

Compact IR Receiver for sensor applications.

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The TSSP4038 is a compact IR receiver for sensor applications. It has a high gain for IR signals at 38 kHz. The detection level does not change when ambient light or strong IR signals are applied. It can receive continuous 38 kHz signals or 38 kHz bursts.


  • Low supply current
  • Photo detector and preamplifier in one package
  • Internal filter for 38 kHz IR signals
  • Shielding against EMI
  • Visible light is suppressed by IR filter
  • Insensitive to supply voltage ripple and noise


  • RoHS Compliant    
  • Beam Angle: 45 deg    
  • Carrier Frequency: 38 kHz    
  • Transmission Distance: 25 m    
  • Viewing Angle: 45 deg    
  • High Level Pulse Width: 0.8 ms    
  • Low Level Pulse Width: 0.8 ms    
  • Minimum High Level Output Voltage: 100 mV    
  • Output Current: 5 mA
  • Operating Supply Voltage: 2.5 V to 5.5 V    
  • Supply Current: 700 uA    
  • Power Dissipation: 10 mW    
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: + 85 C    
  • Minimum Operating Temperature:  - 25 C    
  • Package / Case: Side Looker     
  • Mounting Style: Through Hole

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