Male Pin Strip - 3 Positions


$0.20 USD
$0.20 ea.
$0.18 ea.
$0.10 ea.

Based on 0.1" spacing, this 3-pin header spacing is a very popular way to interface sensors & accessories to your design. Ground / Voltage / Signal!

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Pins are cool. They are one of those things you simply need to have a good number and assortment of. If there is one small type to have on hand, it is this 3-pin style, which is used for all sorts of interfacing. Ground/Voltage/Signal, Rx/Tx/Ground, 2-position selectors - these are all things they're good for!

  • 3 positions
  • Male/Male (standard)
  • 11.54mm (.45") overall length
  • 3mm (0.12") tail
  • 6mm (0.24") head
  • 2.54mm (0.1") spacing

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