A Little More PRO Soldering Tools Bundle


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$199.90 ea.

Ready for replacing your suite of worn-out tools? The "Little More PRO" bundle will set you up.

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Please note: this product will be fully available for purchase starting November 27.

This kit is a little more pro! This is best of all of our soldering equipment put into one bundle featuring Hakko products. The centerpiece of this tool set is the FX-888 adjustable digital soldering iron & solid aluminum iron holder, which carries both tip-cleaning brass sponge and a wet sponge.

The rest of the bundle features tools we regularly use in-house (and steal from each other) at Solarbotics. Also included is a good sized solder spool that should last you through several substantial projects. Additional to the Hakko tools, the Sparkfun Heaterizer hot air re-work gun is fantastic for heat-shrink and remelting solder (do not make toast. It can, but we have to tell you not to). Lastly, the "Third Hand" kit holds your project firmly in that strange position so you can finish putting it together. It's much more useful than a younger sibling/family member.

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Not quite ready to go PRO?

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