Mini USB & Bluetooth Interface GPS Demo Board


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$41.99 ea.

So you want a affordable GPS unit right? Well, how about a GPS unit that comes with Bluetooth, RS-232, and USB-TTL on board, and an external magnetic antenna (with a 9.5ft long cable) that's all bundled together for a great price? We got you covered.

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This GPS receiver utilizes the MG1613S by MStar Technology. It supports NMEA 0183 V3.01 standard, and has integrated interfaces to facilitate the requirements of different communication methods like USB, RS232 and bluetooth. This package also includes an 9.5ft external magnetic GPS antenna!


  • Low power consumption
  • Powered by USB port, no need to feed with DC power supply
  • RF Receiver of Noise Figure is at 2.5 dB
  • High Sensitivity -161 dBm( indoor)
  • Seamless Outdoor/Indoor Operation
  • Support standard NMEA-0183 V 3.01
  • Graphic GPS testing software is provided for free
  • Software for modifying baud rate is provided for free
  • Interfaces: USB-Mini-B (on-board) and USB-B (not included) interface, DB-9 RS232 serial port, TTL/3.3V serial breakout headers on PCB, & bluetooth
  • Bluetooth spec v2.0+EDR Compliant


Absolute Maximum Ratings:

Supply voltage:


Supply current:


Operating range:

-20~+70 ?

Storage range:

-20~+70 ?

Relative Humidity:

5~80 %

DC Power:

Supply voltage:

5.1(typical) V

Supply current::

50(typical) mA



1575.42 MHz

C/A code

1.023 MHz

Acquisition Channel


Tracking Channel



Position CEP





20 ns



Default WGS84

Time To First Fix(TTFF):

Hot start


Warm start


Cold start



Tracking Sensitivity:

-161(typical) dBm

Acquisition Sensitivity:

-142(typical) dBm



Active patch antenna

Center Frequency:






USB Interface:

Comply with relative descriptions of electrical characteristics of USB V2.0 standard

RS232 Interface:

Comply with relative descriptions of electrical characteristics in RS-232F standard

Bluetooth Interface:

Comply with relative descriptions of Bluetooth Interface v2.0 Serial Port Profile(SPP)

Password: ’0000’or ’ 1234’


Default baud rate:

9600 bps

Baud rate supported:

4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,115200 bps

Navigation update rate:


Protocol Message:

NMEA-0183 V3.01


  • GPS receiver application
  • Automotive application
  • Car navigation and tracking
  • External GPS Devices
  • Ideal for PC, PDA and other consumer devices
  • Develop your own GPS navigation system or connect to a pocket PC for a low cost navigation system.
  • Use in the car or boat for trip recording and distance to destination information.
  • Precision time/date keeping
  • Precise location tracking when in the wilderness when teamed up with a laptop, phone, or microcontroller with LCD readout
  • Compatible with Cydia iOS apps (such as BTstack GPS 1.5) via bluetooth
  • Compatible with Android apps (such as Bluetooth GPS) via bluetooth

 Package Contents:

  • Mini USB & Bluetooth Interface GPS Demo Board×1
  • External magnetic antenna with SMA connector for GPS receiver ×1
  • Mini USB cable×1

Note: Remember that having your GPS antenna in a basement may give you poor results due to low  satellite signal strength, try to have your antenna in open air as much as possible to gain the greatest signal you can.


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