Synapse ProtoBoard (w/o module)




$46.00 ea.

The SN171 Synapse ProtoBoard is a very convenient way to connect any Synapse SNAP module to a RS232 port - ideal for playing with your new RF Engine!

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You've seen that Synapse SNAP modules are cool, but how to play with them? The SN171 Protoboard lets you plug your Synapse module into it, and tap it via a RS-232 port and external power. The Protoboard also lets you isolate all the pins from acting as peripherals, so you have complete access to your test module.

The Protoboard is also a convenient way to create a SNAP Bridge for connecting to Portal or a SNAPconnect software.

Protoboard features:

  • Compatible with all Synapse RF Engine modules.
  • RS-232 port with full hardware flow control (UART1) fully jumper selectable, or can be completely “removed” from system.
  • 2 status LEDs, yellow (GPIO2) and green (GPIO1)  (can be disabled by jumper for low power usage)
  • Push-button switch, can be jumpered to Reset, GPIO5, or disabled.
  • Battery connector (2.7~3.4V) or power regulator (5-9VDC, standard 2.1mm barrel jack tip-positive) option.
  • Multiple tapping capability via terminal blocks or pin headers:
    • Terminal blocks bring out all RF Engine pins and Vext (supply power).
    • 2x12, 2mm pitch header for ribbon cable access to all RF Engine pins.
  • Overall size of 2.95" x 2.625:

Note: SNAP RF module not included

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