Gas Sensor Breakout Board SKU: 50824

Gas Sensor Breakout Board

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Simple breakout board for the SparkFun MQ-3, MQ-4, MQ-6 and MQ-7 gas sensors. 

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$0.95 USD
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The SparkFun BOB-0889 is designed to interface with the MQ-3, MQ-4, MQ-6 and MQ-7 gas sensors which all use the same footprint. Just add VCC at 5V, GND, and a resistor to an ADC!

Note: This is only a PCB interface board. You still require the necessary sensor to attach to it.

Dimensions: 16.8mm diameter


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Weight 0.0007 kg
Dimensions 1.665 × 1.665 × 0.159 cm


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