SOMO-14D Audio-Sound Module


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The SOMO-14D is a tiny audio module that can play back stored audio files from a micro-SD memory card.

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Sound modules are getting better, smaller, and more capable all the time. This latest unit from 4D-Systems is a really tidy unit, playing audio from pinky-nail sized microSD card memory modules. The SOMO-14D supports 4-bit ADPCM audio files (.ad4) with sample rates from 6kHz up to 36kHz. Sweet!

4D-Systems also hosts a free Windows utility to convert any .WAV or .MP3 file to the necessary ADPCM (.AD4) format

The SOMO-14D features two modes of use: Serial and Key-mode.

  • Serial mode uses a simple 2-wire interface to its DATA and CLK lines. Audio controls (play, pause, stop, volume) can all be accessed via simple TTL serial commands.
  • Key-mode lets you tap directly into the controls of the SOMO-14D without a host microcontroller. Use 3 push buttons, a 3V battery, and speaker, and you've got a very simple audio playback unit!

Here's what the SOMO-14D brings to the table:

  • Supports 4-bit ADPCM (.ad4) file formats with sampling rates from 6Khz to 36Khz.
  • Two operation modes:
    • Serial Mode: Supports a 2-Wire (Data, Clock) interface to any micro-controller.
    • Key Mode: Supports a simple stand alone operation without a host micro.
  • Differential 2 line PWM output for direct speaker connection (8 Ohm/0.5W).
  • Dedicated 16-bit DAC/PWM audio output to use with an external amplifier.
  • On-board micro-SD memory card adaptor for storing of audio, voice and music files (up to 512 files).
  • Supports 64Mb to 2Gig micro-SD memory cards (FAT format).
  • Compact size measuring only 18.3 x 20.8 mm.
  • 2.7V to 3.6V DC voltage range (single supply).
  • Low Power Idle current of 8.0uA
  • RoHS Compliant

This is an ideal tight and tidy way to get audio into your project

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