OpenBeam 2mm Flat End Hex Driver


Price (USD)
$4.00 ea.

2mm flat end hex driver for use with OpenBeam.

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Notice that lots of projects are starting to use more metric hardware? Even in the USA (one of the staunch metric hold-outs), projects like Makerbot are using metric hardware in their designs. Look, we're not here to debate which is the better engineering unit (coughthousandthscough), but to show off a new tool!

We're carrying the open-source kickstarted "OpenBeam" construction rails. This OpenBeam-supplied 2mm Hex Driver features the Hex Plus geometry to minimize tool and screw wear, as well as a KraftForm handle for improved ergonomics.  During the selection process, OpenBeamUSA's staff benchmarked the Wera hex driver against competitors from Wiha (Germany) and Bondhus (US) and the Wera hex driver won hands-down in terms of user comfort.

This will be the most often-used driver when building with OpenBeam, so it makes sense to splurge a little bit and get a really comfortable tool.





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