Low Voltage to 5VDC Boost Converter Board Module


2.99 USD
$2.99 ea.

This is an extremely tiny low voltage to 5VDC converter module.

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If you need a bit of a power boost, but don't have much space (or need much power), here's just the thing: The LV to 5VDC Boost converter. Preconfigured to take 1.8 to 5VDC and give you a regulated 5VDC output, up to a maximum of 500mA.

It's about the size of a microSD card, with three contact points: Input, Ground, and 5VDC output.

Please note: Input voltage cannot exceed 5VDC. It's a boost converter, and is only designed to push voltage up.


Input Voltage Range: 0.8 - 5VDC

Output Voltage: 5VDC

Output Current:

  • 1.0-1.5Vin = 50~110mA output
  • 1.5-2.0Vin = 110~160mA output
  • 2.0-3.0Vin = 160~400mA output
  • 3.0-5.0Vin = 400~500mA output

Working Frequency: 180KHz

Efficiency: 85%

Ambient Operating Temp: -25 to +85 °C

Pin Pitch: 2.54mm

Dimensions: 11mm x 10.5mm x 7.5mm

Weight: 1.2g

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