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The Original Parallax Scribbler was a fun robotics base to experiment on, but the new S2 Scribbler has some real computational power behind it!

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***New Feature! (see bottom of page)***

Remember the original Scribbler? It was a pretty complete little unit, featuring the venerable BS2 microcontroller. Alas, it's gone the way of the Dodo. But unlike the Dodo (which didn't have the benefit of R&D laboratories), it's been replaced with the Parallax Scribbler S2.

As with the original, it's a great little development platform for hacking robotics. What's of particular interest to the new S2 are the following features:

  • New Processor! The Propeller P8X32A-Q44 is a huge advance up from the Basic Stamp2. But it still maintains backwards-compatibility for programs written in PBASIC.
  • Open access "hacker port" with 6 digital I/O and 2 analog inputs (in familiar Gnd/Vcc/Signal pin configurations)
  • Beefier power supply for supporting additional hardware hacks
  • Better drive system, with faster motors & wheel encoder feedback (for more accurate steering)
  • In short, it's louder, more powerful!

The S2 is ready to to take batteries and run right out of the box, having 8 default programs, including:

  • Light seeking
  • Object detection
  • Object avoidance
  • Line following
  • Art (stick a Sharpie marker in the center hole!

You still program the S2 in a GUI (Graphical User Interface) by drag & dropping tile/icon/brick elements to create your logic flow. Or, modify the Propeller source code in the BASIC-like Spin language. The S2 is also programmable under Mac or Linux by using third-party tools you can also program the S2 on a Mac or under Linux, in PropBASIC and C (resources for these languages will follow the release). Remember, the S2 software is backward compatible with the original S1 software, but you'll want to try using Spin for the propeller chip, which allows for much greater functionality.

The hardware features of the Scribbler S2 are:

  • 3 light sensors
  • 2 obstacle avoidance sensors
  • 2 line following sensors
  • 2 independent DC wheel motors, with wheel encoders for precise maneuvers (507 counts/revolution = 0.5 mm resolution)
  • Stall sensor for wheel motors
  • Pen port for drawing on paper
  • Speaker to make a full range of notes
  • Programmable indicator lights
  • Microphone for detecting tones from other S2 robots
  • Bi-color LEDs for visual feedback
  • Hacker port for connection to external sensors, RF devices, and servos, with 5V/1.2A power, 6 digital I/O & 2 analog inputs

General specifications are:

  • Power requirements: 6 AA alkaline or NiMH batteries, not included.
  • Communication: Serial programming interface to PC
  • Scribbler Dimensions: 7.4 x 6.25 x 3.2 in (188 x 158.8 x 81 mm)
  • Operating temp range: +50 to +104 °F(+10 to +40 °C)
  • System requirements for S2 GUI: Windows (XP/Vista/7) and internet access to download the software.

Always check on the Parallax support page for the latest software & documentation!

NEW FEATURE:  In conjunction with Parallax we have now unlocked a new feature of the S2 -> REMOTE CONTROL!!! We have attached .spin code under the Resources tab for you to upload to your scribbler so that you can use the SYSTEM 6-in-1 Universal remote control to control the S2 and make it play a tune as well!


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