TMP36 Temperature Sensor


Price (CAD)
$3.84 ea.

This is a tidy analog temperature sensor with a functional range of -40C to +125C

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The TMP 36 series of temperature sensors are pretty handy. This one comes in a tidy TO-92 transistor-like package. Feed it Vcc and ground and you get a precise analog output indicating the temperature in degrees C. The accuracy is pretty good too, being ±2°C over a range of -40° to +125°C.

The output is 10mV per °C, with 25°C reading 750mV. Tie this to your microcontroller's A2D port, and you are set to go!

  • Temp Sensor Analog Serial (2-Wire) 3-Pin TO-92
  • Interface Type : Serial (2-Wire)
  • Output Type : Analog
  • Package Type : TO-92
  • Operating Temperature (Min) : -40C
  • Operating Temperature (Max) : 125C
  • Operating Supply Voltage (Min) : 2.7V
  • Operating Supply Voltage (Typ) : 3.3/5V
  • Operating Supply Voltage (Max) : 5.5V
  • Output can be modified to read °F with 4 resistors and a 1.23V zener
  • Use of a 0.1µF bypass capacitor on the Vin line is recommended for best stability





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