5.2V 2.1A microUSB power supply with 2M cable


8.00 USD

With a 2 meter (6.6') micro-USB connector, this power supply is ideal for powering single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi.

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Raspberry Pi is a wonderful little single-board computer. With the B+Version 2 and Version 3 featuring additional USB ports, the power-drain demands can start building up, especially with attached external hard-drives. This is the reason for us getting this power adapter manufactured, which features a beefy 5.2VDC, 2.1A output.

We brought in many samples and tested them on our load tester. This unit well out-performed the rest, with a very flat, consistent output all the way up to 2.2A (see graph in photo collection).

We've also been using them as convenient chargers for our smartphones. Some models will not accept them as "high-current" chargers as they do not have the USB D+ and D- lines connected to signify high-power capability (as per the USB-IF BC1.2 standard). We've customized a few by cutting back the insulation on the microUSB jack, soldering together the two data lines, and resealing the jack with caprolactone. Now most of our smartphones are charging near 1A with these units.


  • 5.2VDC output
  • 2.1A Rated
  • 2M (6.6') lead with micro-USB connector
  • Convenient vertical "plug into power bar" form factor
  • CE / UL safety rated
  • 120/240VAC input

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