ESP-01 Serial Breakout board with Vreg & Shift levelers


3.00 USD
$3.00 ea.

Simple logic-level-corrected serial interface for the ESP-01 wifi module, with voltage regulation.

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After you've flashed and programmed your ESP-01, still using in your projects can be inconvenient if you're not giving it a solid 3.3V or have your logic voltages set properly. Fortunately, this inexpensive adapter (or "adatper" as the case may be...) fixes these issues for you.


  • 4.5~5.5VDC Suggested Supply Voltage
  • LM1117 LDO 3.3V Voltage regulator onboard
  • Tx / Rx shift leveler circuitry for 3.3 <--> Vsource translation

Note: This is not an ESP-01 programmer.

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