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This is the speed-upgraded version of the ATmega323L. The AVR series of microcontrollers are right up there with Microchip PIC products.

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This is the speed-upgraded version of the ATmega323L.

The AVR series of microcontrollers are right up there with Microchip PIC products. Powerful, inexpensive, and programmable with some very good open source software (look up GCC), with a vibrant user community.

Flash EEPROM SRAM Speed Volts
32kB 1024B 2048B 0-8MHz 2.7-5.5V

The website AVRFreaks gives this very useful information on the ATmega32L:

This device contains 32KB Flash memory, and contains a large range of peripherals. Among the more interesting features are: Self-programming memory (at target Vcc), JTAG interface, 8ch 10-bit ADC, internal calibrated RC Oscillator, Four PWM channels, hardware Multiplier, timers, external interrupts and a wide range of other peripherals as you can expect from a high performance AVR micro. The ATmega323 is pin compatible with the AT90S8535 and ATmega16, and is also available in a 5V version, the ATmega323

  • pin compatible with 4434, more features.
  • pin compatible with 8535, more features.
  • pin compatible with mega16, more features.
  • pin and feature compatible with mega16, more memory.
  • pin compatible with mega163, more features.
  • pin compatible with mega323, more features.
  • shrink upgrade path of mega323
  • pin and feature compatible with mega8535, more memory.
  • pin compatible with mega8535, more features.

Here are more key features:

  • 32K byte self-programmable Flash
  • 1024byte EEPROM
  • 2048byte internal SRAM
  • JTAG Interface
  • Two 8bit timer
  • One 16bit timer
  • 4 PWM Channel
  • 8-channel 10-bit ADC(single-end and differential)
  • SPI
  • WDT
  • 32-programmable I/O lines
  • 2.7-5.5V for ATMega16L (max 8MHz)

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