The Solarbotics SketchBoard


17.50 USD
$17.50 ea.

A fully assembled surface mount Arduino-compatible.

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The Freeduino is designed to be a mix of DIY and Arduino-with-upgrades. But for those who just need to get to coding instead of soldering, we've morphed the Freeduino into the Solarbotics Sketchboard, a fully assembled Arduino-compatible featuring the stability and reliability of the venerable Duemilanove and the interoperability of the Uno R3.

The Solarbotics Sketchboard is a open-and-use device just like the Arduino Uno, but manufactured by Solarbotics and incorporating the additional features of the Freeduino. We avoid the inconsistencies of using a USB-emulator IC by sticking with the very reliable FTDI USB interface IC. USB connections are made through a strongly anchored micro-USB jack that won't be damaged when using it with today's standard smartphone cables and chargers.


  • Arduino Uno-R3 Pin Optiboot compatible
  • ATmega328 SMD microcontroller
  • FTDI FT 232RL USB Interface
  • On/Off Power Switch
  • 5V Logic with 3.3V Compatible Inputs
  • Input Voltage 7-15V
  • 5V Output Current - 800mA
  • 3.3V Output Current - 300mA
  • 14 Digital I/O Pins (6 PWM Outputs)
  • 6 Analog Inputs
  • 16MHz Clock Speed
  • 32K Flash Memory
  • 2K SRAM
  • ISP Header (Not soldered but included)

NOTE:  When programming the Sketchboard from the Arduino IDE, select "Arduino UNO " as the board from the Tools menu, and select the com port as needed.

SketchBoard features:

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