PICAXE Serial / I2C LCD with RTS Clock ability


This Product Has Been Discontinued, This Page Is For Reference Only.

24.25 USD
$24.25 ea.
$21.83 ea.

The PICAXE Serial / I2C LCD and Clock offers a convenient 16x2 display with the ability to add a real-time clock. Save modules and space!

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The PICAXE AXE033 Serial I2C LCD and Clock (version 2) is a bit different than other LCD modules in that besides talking serial and I2C, it has the ability to have a real-time clock and battery backup added to it (sold separately). Use I2C to set the LCD readout and read what time it is!


  • 16 x 2 display
  • Serial mode: 2400,N,8,1
  • Tunable internal resonator for communication tuning
  • AXE034 Clock upgrade (not included) offers
    • DS1307 Real Time clock IC
    • Programmable alarm output
    • 1Hz pulse output
    • 10 year battery backup
    • I2C communication only

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