Breadboard Jumper Wire Bundle


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$6.00 ea.
$5.10 ea.

This 70-piece flexible wire jumper kit is sure to replace your old-style solid-wire jumpers. These are more flexible, robust, and easy to use!

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It's time to put those solid-core wiring kits out to pasture. They're nice for building flat, tidy breadboarded circuits that you've planned out on CAD or had in one of those late-night dream-visions after eating too many tacos, but for down & dirty prototyping, you can't beat these!

This 70-piece bundle comes with:

50x Short 80mm (3-1/8")  jumpers
10x Medium 123mm (4-7/8") jumpers
5x Long 165mm (6-3/8") jumpers
5x Extra-long 205mm (8") jumpers

Colours include yellow, green, black, orange, blue, white, and red 

But what makes these better than regular solid-wire jumpers? Over time, solid-wire jumpers fatigue, and snap off an inopportune times, often leaving the snapped-off bit embedded in your breadboard. Solid-wire jumpers are fine for short-term work, but these flexible-wire versions are much more robust.

Each jumper features:

  • A solid 0.023" diameter pin at each end
  • 7-stranded 22AWG wire (which is soldered, not crimped to the pins)
  • Molded-on silicone rubber sleeve finger grips

Trust us - after using these, you'll really not want to ever go back to solid-wire jumpers!





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