USB Boarduino (Arduino Clone) Kit w/ATmega328 - v2.0


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$25.00 ea.
$23.75 ea.

If you've ever struggled to use a solderless breadboard with an Arduino, you understand how frustrating it can be!

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The BoArduino is a clever layout that clones the open-source Arduino,so it straddles the center row of a standard breadboard. This lets you easily prototype your own Arduino-type circuits in a convenient way, unlike with the standard Arduino, which doesn't fit on a breadboard.

Unlike it's close relative (the standard "DC Boarduino") this one has the FTDI chip and USB-B jack built right on - no funky USB converter cable required! On the flip-side, it does not have a DC power jack, meaning it's going to pull power from the USB port.

Here's what it offers:


  • Designed to plug into a breadboard for easy prototyping
  • Petite size, only 2.75" x 0.8" (75mm x 20mm)
  • All 'standard' pins are brought out - Digital 0-13, Analog 0-5, ARef, 5V, 3V, Ground, and Reset
  • Chip comes pre-programmed with a "no-wait" Arduino bootloader (Read more here)
  • 4 LEDs! There's a green power-good LED, a red "pin 13" LED (just like the Arduino), and a pair of RX and TX indicator LEDs for debugging the serial connection
  • Nearly-all-surfacemount design. We left the chip as through-hole to make it easier to upgrade and repair. All surface mount parts are pre-assembled and tested.
  • Reset button
  • ATmega328P, running at 16.00 MHz, just like all Arduinos
  • 6-pin standard ICSP header
  • USB miniB jack
  • 500mA fuse protects your computer's USB port from overcurrent
  • Auto-reset capability

Get more info at the USB Boarduino webpage.





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