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The Parallax Propeller is a might powerful microprocessor. Good thing they've released this exhaustive reference for making the most of its abilities.

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Parallax has been developing truly innovative microcontroller products for over 20 years. They've recently been on the multi-core bandwagon (with good reason) lately, and have spearheaded research into their 8-cog Propeller microcontrollers. But when bravely do the previously-undone, you break new ground. New unfamiliar ground. The Propeller is a fascinating chip, but with 8 cores, you have to wrap your head around doing things differently.

Fortunately, Parallax has taken some time to document the ins-and-outs of the Propeller in their Parallax Propeller Manual, which explores the power and flexibility of true multi-processing with the Propeller microcontroller.

This beafy tome is almost 400 pages of Propeller goodness, including:

  • Detailed Propeller chip architecture information
  • Complete syntax and reference guides for both Spin and Propeller Assembly languages
  • Example programs for accessing the Propeller chip's log, anti-logm and sine tables

We like to list the chapters, so you know what you're getting into. Here we go:

  • Introducing the Propeller Chip
  • SPIN Language Reference (wow, there's a lot of functions!)
  • Assembly Language Reference (again, WOW)
  • Appendix A: Reserved WOrd List
  • Appendix B: Math Samples and Function Tables

Not that many chapters, but BOY do they detail each function well, with usage, explanation and comparisons to similar functions. If you're wanting to dive into the power of 8 cogs, this is practically a manditory reference for you!





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