Monday (!) New Product: Arduino Micro, OpenBeam, Gearmotor Bracket

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the geeky internets are full various fuzzy, sugary, and/or blinky items of unknown nature in different shades of red and pink… We find ourselves with nothing to say on that particular topic. Instead, we bring you a double dose of new product, check it out:

Arduino Micro
All the features of the Arduino Leonardo at a fraction of the size! The Arduino Micro is quite versatile as it’s big enough for breadboard prototyping, but small enough for permanent installations.
Micro Deans Plug (Pair)
Micro Deans plugs are usually used in RC vehicle applications, but can also be used for all kinds of other high current, small form factor projects. They even have a polarity protection feature built into the design, bonus!
Precut Kit 2 – Small Lengths
If you find it annoying to cut the 1m open beam extrusions down to size – you can now rejoice! OpenBeam precut lengths are here! Offered in a conveniently packaged kit, these precut pieces are ideal for designing all kinds of interesting structures.
15.5D mm Metal Gearmotor Bracket
Long have we waited for an efficient way to mount micro metal gearmotors to our projects, that day has finally arrived! The 15.5D mm metal gearmotor Bracket has come to save the day, who needs Superman…

On the other hand, that Deans Plug would look great dipped in chocolate! Mmmm… The right colour too… And those L joining plates look like hearts… What?! Ugh, I’d better go do some anti-sentimental soldering before it’s too late.