New Product: 50 Meter GroovyNoodle Wire Spools

Posted By diltuff

Aug 3rd 2018

GroovyNoodle wire. Some is good; LOTS is better.

We absolutely love our GroovyNoodle wire, with its super flexibility and silicone-jacket insulation in 7.5M "casual use" spools. For more ambitious projects that need more length, we now have our GroovyNoodle in value-priced 50 meter spools!

It's more of our favorite 24AWG wire with a whopping 40 strands of 0.08mm tin-plated wire, UL3131 rated for 300V and 150°C, available either as individual spools or a color assortment 8-pack! (Sorry, not in the same style box as the small spools - it's too cumbersome)






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