Wednesday Cool Links: The Best of April 1st

Hmmm, April first has come and gone, and we’ve missed a chance to pretend we are now switching to selling electric squids powered by rabid honey badgers on brooms. To compensate for that disappointment here’s an overview of the best … Read more

Friday New Product Post and a Few Projects

It’s snowing here. Here’s the proof – a ruler measured with another ruler, reading about 7″ depth of (what used to be) snow. It’s a massive invasion of snowflakes, and they don’t seem too friendly. The amount of snowfall we … Read more

U.S. Elections and Sumobots

For all of you politically inclined, here’s the latest news on the U.S. election process. The results will be known tomorrow, but for now – the fight is on! These sumorobots are totally autonomous. “No Radio control and no preset … Read more