2.1mm Barrel Jack with Integrated Rocker Switch


Price (CAD)
$3.00 ea.
$2.70 ea.
$2.55 ea.

Step right up folks and check out the freak show, in cage #1 we have the 2.1mm Barrel Jack with Rocker Switch! Who would have thought such a combination existed? Yet, it seems almost beautiful in it's design.

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Looking to provide lots of power to your Freeduino, Multipack, or other circuit with a 2.1mm barrel jack footprint? Want to save on PCB space or just don't have room for a larger switch that can handle more power? The SWT15 is right up your alley, having a 2.1mm barrel jack plus a 2.5A-rated power switch built into one unit, it solves a lot of design problems. If you want a bit higher current rating, check out our SWT14, with similar functionality!

Note: The specifications show the pin inside barrel jack is actually 2.0mm but is fully compatbile with the more common 2.1mm plug.


Electrical rating: 15VDC 2.5A
Contact Resistance: 20mOhm (initial)
Insulation Resistance: >1000 MOhm @ 500VDC
Dielectric Strength: >1500V @ 1 min.
Life: 6000 cycles
Contact material: Copper alloy with Silver plating
Switch Circuit: SPDT
RoHS compliant: Yes

Note: If mounted on an Arduino form factor board, it will likely render your board non-shield compatible without modification.





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