Wednesday Cool Links: Laser Experiments, Solar Plane & Useless Box Grandfather

Look! Bird (-shaped bullets) made holes in bird… feathers! Well, not quite, although that would have been awesome too. Actually we were doing some nitrogen-assisted laser tests on various regular, i.e. boring materials, such as plywood and mat board. Then I came across some feathers and here’s what it turned out to be:

Now that we have attention, let’s get distracted by some links:

Vector Engraved Stipples
StippleGen in a program that will convert an artwork into CNC-ready image for use on the Eggbot or in other contexts. What happens if you take that stippled art and laser engrave it? This is what guys at rasterweb did.
Solar-powered plane that can fly day and night without fuel. Sends shivers down my spine, that’s how cool it is.
NYC Elevation Map by kylemcdonald – Machine Halts FTW
Topographical map data interpreted in 3D printing by MakerBot Artist-In-Residence Kyle McDonald.
New Infrared spectacles fool facial recognition systems
An interesting anonymity tool for anti-facial recognition. Umm… like nobody won’t remember this rig on your face?
Gadgets advertised in a 1962 issue of “Famous Monsters of Filmland”
The MONSTER inside the Black Box. Heh – sounds familiar!

Well, that didn’t make any sense: to attract attention and then bring it to something else… Well, this is how it works these days: attention deficit is all the rage… How about some fruit dip then?