Wednesday Cool Links: Carbomorph, Textile, Bioprinter and Avoiders’ Delight

Hey, today’s cool links are so cool that nothing need to be said in their defense (except for that Thursday is new Wednesday now!). At all. Anyone, try to prove me wrong! Here, you can’t. I thought so… So enjoy this truly exquisite selection, and next week we’re gonna bring you more on our softest ostrich-feathered wings.

Carbomorph Material Enables 3D-Printed Electronics, From Any 3D Printer
While 3D printers are good for creating models and various objects, there’s another universe of possibilities that opens up with printing with conductive material.
Venus Dress by Eunmi Jung
What can you do with a few motors, an Arduino, some LEDs and a distance sensors Anything, you’d say. Sure, but this is an eerily beautiful example of blending fashion with electronics.
Firewall by Aaron Sherwood and Mike Allison
Another awesome project along the lines of conductive, interactive and textile-y. The stretched spandex reacts as a membrane that responds with fire-like visuals. It is also sensitive to the depth of presses, responding with faster/slower and/or louder/quieter music.

Build a Bioprinter from Very Old inkjet Cartridges
Make a printer from hacked inkjet and some computer parts? Load it with some live bacteria that glow in the dark? Sounds like a good ransom letter recipe to me… Although the authors state there are a legitimate uses for this thing…
Ostrich Pillow
Never wanna see anyone again? Erm, I meant take a power nap or remedy a jet lag before it hits? Ostrich Pillow is the answer. The creators of this clever device made it successfully on the Kickstarter too.

Nope. Not saying anything any more. Except for what I already said. And that’s it. Nothing else. At all. You got me. Nothing to see here.