Wednesday Cool Links: 3Doodler, 3D Chocolate, Popsicles and LED Graffitti

Another week, another Wednesday. Time seems to be flying by like crazy, it’s already February, and seems like we just celebrated New Years. So why not sweeten the passage of time with some random internet browsing, and some sugar in the form of chocolate or popsicles, your choice.

Eat me | laser cutting café in Shibuya offers chocolate replicas of your face
How about having coffee and laser cutting/3D printing all in one place? FabCafe (which stands both for “fabulous” and “fabrication”) in Shibuya, Tokio, now offers not only custom laser cutting, but also a 3D-printed chocolate snack, which is a tiny replica of your (or your friend’s) face.
Lumio: A Portable Light that Folds like a Book
A portable light in the shape of a book developed by the architect and industrial designer Max Gunawan, Lumio is super versatile, and good-looking. It has strong magnets embedded in the cover, tyvek pages and laser-cut live hinge spine.
3Doodler: The World’s First 3D Printing Pen
3D printing pen – says it all. It draws in 3 dimensions using a special plastic similar to the one in regular 3D printers that is heated and then solidifies to create 3D structures. (Ugh, I used the number 3 six times in this blurb!)
The perils of Buying a Stereo Microscope Without a Stand
Building an articulated arm for a stereo microscope – it has a pretty good movement range in all directions, and looks really solid. I want one too! Check out more detail at the maker’s blog.
Giant Melting Popsicles by Luciana Rondolini
Visual manifestation of passage of time, many a sweet tooth’s dream and beautiful absurdity all at once. I wonder how long that show lasted

Just found this last awesome link, and just couldn’t resist from sharing:

Water Light Graffiti by Antonin Fourneau, created in the Digitalarti Artlab
Water, electronics? What can that do except for a short circuit? Antonin Fourneau proves otherwise with this wall of LEDs that light up when touched with water creating an interactive and mesmerizing artwork.