Solarbotics looking for fun people

…oh, and they also should want to work with us.

We have a few positions open we want to fill with people that have a good sense of humour, have some geek qualities, and can tell the difference between a diode and resistor (or sincerely want to learn!)

Here are the types of
people we’re looking for:

  • ubergeek specializing in microcontrollers &
    other clever electronics. Atmels, PICs, and Stamps, oh my! Oh, and
    discrete electronics experience is always a plus. Want to impress us?
    Show off some ‘bots & projects. Did I mention the fully-furnished
    R&D lab you get to share? Even has Sherline Lathes and Mills to
    better make projects with!

  • Purchaser/Coordinator/Ass’t Manager. There’s lots
    going on here, so we’re looking for a person that is comfortable with
    tracking inventory, placing POs, and making sure they arrive and get
    processed appropriately. In addition, this person will be the
    administrative “Left Hand” (the “right-hand” position is already

So if you have a sense of humour (an absolute
necessity – we like to working with people who like coming to work),
don’t mind a dog and an occasional after-school child, and want to join
us up here in the Great White North (where it’s truly beautiful), drop us a line
with your resume, your contact information, and if applicable, a
link to your website. (Solarbotics/HVW Technologies is a non-smoking workplace)