Ultimate BrutusBot Bundle


119.00 USD
$119.00 ea.

This is truly the Ultimate BrutusBot! It will do robotic front flips through the snow and keep on going!

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The Ultimate Brutusbot Bundle is an Arduino-based platform that comes with everything (well, "batteries not included" still applies) you need to build your own functional Tank style Robot. This Do-it-Yourself Kit gives you the satisfaction of putting all the components of the robot together yourself, and each piece comes with it's own detailed manual to walk you through each build. This kit comes with a Sharp Infrared Distance Sensor and Panning servo to immediately allow your robot to easily avoid obstacles within a full 180 degrees from the front of the Brutusbot. This sensor/servo combo makes it quite simple to get out corners and other sticky situations. The onboard LM1084 provides multiple servos with the voltage they need to operate (5V) and the ease of using any battery voltage between 6.5V - 16V. There are also multiple accessories available like the Armor Enhancement Kit, and the SAFE to keep your precious electronics out of harm's way.


  • Expandable! Has room for 8 servos and 6 analog sensors.
  • Off-road abilities. We've tried dirt, rocks, and snow with smashing results!
  • 5mm cut-outs on the front of chassis for LED head lights in low light applications.
  • Arduino-programmable thru the Arduino IDE.
  • 2A per channel L298 dual motor driver on-board.
  • All motor driver input pins are PWM ready for smooth speed ramping and slowing.
  • On-board heavy duty 5V regulator that is capable of handling up to 5A!!!
  • Sample code available under the Documentation tab.
  • Theory of operation quickstart sheet available under the Documentation tab.
  • Arduino shield compatible to give you more versatility via adding shields on top of the Freeduino.
  • Blue anodized chassis with great custom art from Solarbotics' talented graphic artists.
  • 6xAA battery pack for total of 7.2V for NiMH/NiCd Batteries or 9V for alkaline batteries.

Bundle Includes:

Please Note: For beginners we recommend building the Tamiya twin motor gearbox in configuration 'A' as it's the easier of the 2 configurations to put together. Be aware that the 16V maximum is a limitation of the 16V rated 220uF input capacitor on the Freeduino. Also note that when placing the CMDR shield inside a SAFE you'll have to bend the L298 back a little in order to place the lid on it.

Another Note: Keep in mind when interfacing the Freeduino & CMDR shield that we designed the CMDR shield to be R3 header compatible but unfortunately the Freeduino hasn't caught up to this standard. For the time being we are advising to either bend the pins outward on the side with the Freeduino caps that are in the way or snip them off if you don't need them. One pin doesn't make a connection it can be snipped without consequence, the other is a I/O reference (5V) pin that isn't actually utilized at this time so it can be snipped too if you'd like. The SDA and SCL pins hanging off the other side can just be left as they don't interfere with anything.

You save ~$10 (7.5%) over buying the parts individually.

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