5A SPDT Slide Switch




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The SWT16 now takes the cake as the reigning champion over all Solarbotics switches! Though it may look small and incompetent, this switch packs a wallup! Rated for 5 Amps worth of roundhouse kicks, this switch will give even Chuck Norris a run for his money.

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We all know that electricity runs on holes punched out by Chuck Norris for electrons to fit into but now we finally have a switch that can handle it!

This is a great switch to team up with mega regulators such as the LM1084 as it also shares a 5Amp rating. This switch is designed to be mounted to a PCB but is a small enough form factor to fit a multitude of applications. With a great current rating and wide operating temperature range, this switch is hardcore... just like the pioneer himself (little known fact that it was Chuck Norris, not Black Flag who started it all)!

Electrical rating: 5 Amps @ 120VAC or 28VDC, 2 Amps @ 250VAC
Life: 30,000 cycles
Circuit: SPDT ON-NONE-ON (2 positions)
Contact Resistance: 10 mOhm max. initial @ 2-4VDC
Insulation Resistance: 1,000 MOhm min.
Dielectric Strength: 1,000 Vrms min. @sea level
Operating Temp: -30°C to 85°C
Contact Material: Brass, with silver plating
RoHS compliant: Yes

12.8mm (L) X 6.8mm (W) X 7.0mm (H) [w/o actuator] / 12.1mm (H) [w/ actuator]
Lead spacing: 0.190" (4.8mm)

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