Super Bright 5mm LED




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Is an ultra LED not bright enough? Kick things up a notch with these SUPER BRIGHT LEDs!

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So - you need an LED of spectacularly bright proportions. Tiny LED? Too... Tiny. Standard LED? Totally weak. Ultra Bright LED? Boring and bland. Now it's time to push your project to the max with SUPER BRIGHT LEDS, THAT CREATE MORE THAN FOUR TIMES THE LIGHT OF THE SUN!*

*These LEDs do not produce anywhere near four times the light of the sun.

These white/red/green/orange/blueLEDs are the same size and form factor as the other LEDs we carry (5mm), but produces significantly more light. We even use them in our PumLantern to add that extra glow.

Check out the stats below, or the resources tab for further documentation.

   Blue (InGaAIN) White (GaN)  Red (AlGalnP)
Absolute maximum ratings: TA=25°C
Power Dissipation (Pd) 120mW 120mW 150mW
Continuous Forward Current (If) 30mA 20mA 50mA
Peak Forward Current (1/10th duty cycle, 0.1ms pulse width) 100mA 50mA 100mA
Reverse Voltage (Vr) 5.0V
Operating Temperature (Ta) -20~+80°C -40~+85°C -25~+85°C
Reverse Current (VR=5V) 10µa
Lead Soldering Temperature (3mm from body) 260°C (for 3 seconds)

Blue LED Optoelectric Characteristics (20mA test conditions):

  Max. Typ.
View Angle of Half Power   120°
Forward Voltage (Vf) 3.8V 3.3V
Dominant Emission Wavelength 475nm 470nm
Spectrum Width of Half Value   25nm
Luminous Intensity (Iv)   1200mcd

White LED Optoelectric Characteristics (20mA test conditions):

  Max. Typ.
View Angle of Half Power   30°
Forward Voltage (Vf) 4.0V 3.5V
CIE 1931 Chromaticity Coordinates   x=.292 y=.293
Luminous Intensity (Iv)   3000mcd

Red LED Optoelectric Characteristics (20mA test conditions):

  Max. Typ.
View Angle of Half Power ±3° 15°
Forward Voltage (Vf) 2.5V 2.0V
Dominant Emission Wavelength ±3nm 624nm
Spectral Line Half Width (FWHM)   13.49nm
Luminous Intensity (Iv) ±20% 5000mcd

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