Pololu 32x7mm Mini Gearmotor Wheel


6.98 USD
$6.98 ea.
$5.58 ea.
$4.54 ea.

The Pololu 32x7mm Mini Gearmotor Wheel is ideal for GM11a/12a/13a/14a/18 style gearmotors

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Pololu's 32x7mm press-fit plastic wheel is the same they use on their 3Pi robot, meaning it's pretty effective! The wheel is designed to be press-fit onto a 3mm shaft motor, like the Solarbotics metal gear motors (GM11a / 12a / 13a / 14a / 18).

Note: Pololu motor shaft lengths are a bit longer than the Solarbotics series (9.2mm vs 8mm). To give the best snugness for the press-fit, you might consider shaving the inside of the wheel hub down 1mm (0.04") so the shaft will reach the tightest part. Or install it from the other side! 

Sold 2 per pack!


  • Diameter: 1.26" (32 mm)
  • Width of tire: 0.26" (6.5 mm)
  • Weight: 0.12 oz (3.4 g)


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