Metal Cassette Mechanism


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Looking for something to practise mechanical hacking on? The MCM Metal Cassette Mechanism is great building material!

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To some, there's something just ...wrong... about tearing apart something perfectly good and turning it into something else. Well, this item won't make them any more comfortable!

The MCM metal cassette mechanism is a an OEM, brand-new microcassette drive mechanism with a nice Mabuchi drive motor (that's a quality part!), belt & pulley mechanism, opto-reflector, tape read-head and pinch roller assembly. 59 grams of hacking goodness that with a pair of snips, pliers and some hot glue can be turned... into many things! (We like solarollers built with the SCC3733a Power solar cell bundle.

The motor draws only 12mA at 2 volts, and only 28mA at 5V. It's a nice device!

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