5V Positive Voltage Regulator SKU: L7805CV

5V Positive Voltage Regulator

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The ST Micro L7805CV is a 1.5A, 5V positive linear regulator. It is the stronger older brother of the 78M05 but ironically it is the same size and shape, go figure. It may look like your everyday 7805 but looks can be deceiving!

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$0.40 USD
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The 7800 series of three-terminal positive regulators is probably the most common on the market and all share a common pinout. Add a capacitor on the input and output, and this regulator will drop DC voltages from 7-35V to a steady 5V. The L7805CV is quite popular for supplying power to TTL level ICs such as microcontrollers and logic chips.


  • Package Type: TO-220
  • Input Voltage Max: 35V
  • Output Current-Max: 1.5A
  • Dropout Voltage: 2V


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Dimensions 2.892 × 1.025 × 0.444 cm



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