Gear Motor 2/3/8/9 Traction Tires


This Product Has Been Discontinued, This Page Is For Reference Only.

4.00 USD
$4.00 ea.
$3.25 ea.

Looking for a high-traction upgrade to your SW or old GMPW-style tires? Check these gummy monsters out!

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Although the rubber traction-bands on the OLD GMPW series wheels are good (and even better when double-layered), you need some "good grips" when you start playing mini-sumo in the advanced leagues.

Specifically molded to offer maximum traction, these 14 durometer Shore 'A' elastomer tires are the easiest way to upgrade your Sumovore to top-level competitiveness. As they are thicker than traction bands, they also increase the rolling diameter of the wheel from 67mm to 71mm.

Note: Tires sold individually (not as pairs)

Note: These best fit the old GMPW wheels, as the new GMPW wheels come with premolded rubber traction tires.


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