Brutusbot Electronics Bundle


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$68.95 ea.

Our Brutusbot kit is capable of destruction and whimsical grace but it ain't going anywhere without a brain! Enter the Brutusbot Electronics Bundle, the totally open-source controller plus motor driver system to get your Brutusbot on it's warpath or to it's next dance recital.

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Our R&D department has struck again with another example project, and yet again we've gone and put together a bundle for it.

This project allows the Brutusbot to negotiate its present environment using a panning micro servo with an infrared distance sensor (GP2Y0A21) on it. After assembly, the CMDR Shield is placed onto the Freeduino (or Arduino) to allow it to control the Tamiya twin motor gearbox. We've even put together some sample code and a circuit design diagram (both under the Resources tab).

We have designed this bundle to use a split supply to cut down on any noise from the motors affecting the sensor data, so you'll need 9V battery to power the Freeduino and the 6-cell 'AA' battery pack with be hooked up to the motor shield.

By using the Freeduino plus Adafruit Motor shield this bundle becomes a 2-hit combo of open-source electronics so not only does your tank travel in style but it is part of the world-wide OSHW movement. 

You can find a circuit overview under the Resources Tab.

The bundle includes:

1 x HobbyKing 928BB Servo 2.0kg/ 9g/ 0.13sec
1 x CMDR Shield
1 x Sharp GP2Y0A21 - Distance Measuring Sensor 10 to 80cm
1 x 3-conductor JST terminated cable, 14cm long
0.5 x 11.5" (29cm) 3-conductor servo cable - Futaba female connector
1 x SB-Freeduino
1 x 9V Battery Snap
1 x 2.1mm Male Barrel Jack Short

Please Note: This bundle does not include the Brutusbot Chassis, but it is available here for all your tanking needs.





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