ABG Mousey Bundle


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This is the Mousey project from the book Absolute Beginner's Guide to Robotics or from the MAKE magazine project.

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This little Mousey Project is featured in the book Absolute Junkbot Guide for Beginners. It has the ability to seek out light and go towards it by utilizing two motors. It can also navigate by using a collision sensor that causes Mousey to reverse and take off in a different direction. A great project for beginners!

For additional Junkbot style projects, check out Dave's book Junkbots,Bugbots, and Bots on Wheels

The following parts are included:

2x Standard Motor
1x DPDT 5V Relay 
1x Audio Op-Amp
2x Infrared Optical Sensor
1x SPDT Toggle Switch
1x SPDT Snap Lever Switch
1x 9V Battery Snap Connector
1x PN2222 NPN Transistor
1x 1.0k Resistor
1x 10k Resistor
1x 22µF Capacitor
1x Standard Green LED

Please note: This is a parts bundle, and to give you additional savings it does not come with documentation, free technical support or a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It's just a collection of parts!





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