5V RGB Addressable Serpentine Stripxel (48/M, 2.5M spool)


49.95 USD
$49.95 ea.

Here's an addressable RGB strip with a kink - literally! Snake that strip around using the special S-curve PCB.

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Addressable RGB strips are nothing new, and they're great for straight-line installations. But try to bend them around a corner and either they kink out, or you have to cut and splice them to make them lay flat.

THIS is not a problem for the new Serpentine Stripxel! Constructed with a narrower-than-usual 5mm wide PCB that incorporates a little "S" bend between each LED, you can peel the backing and stick them down into actual curves that don't kink out. Each S-bend absorbs up to ~ 20° deflection, allowing you to get curvy shapes down onto flat surfaces.


  • Only sold in 2.5M spools
  • SK6812 based SMD5050 LED modules (WS2812B compatible data communication)
  • 48 LEDs per Meter
  • Divisible in 3 LED sections, PCB soldered together in 0.5M lengths
  • Unusually thin 5mm wide, S-curve serpentine PCB (white)
  • Complete with 3-pin (Male & Female) JST SM connectors
  • IP20 (bare) finish
  • Luminance (mCD/M):
    • R: 12900
    • G: 33600
    • B: 9120
  • 5V nominal operation
  • 14.4Watt / Meter power consumption
  • Wiring standard:
    • Red: 5V
    • Yellow: Ground
    • Green: Data


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